KNPB MemberCard Members who pledge at the $80 pledge level or higher can elect to receive the KNPB MemberCard, good for 2-for-1 deals and other discounts at participating restaurants in Nevada and nationwide. At the $125 level you will receive two MemberCards or, at the $200 level or above members receive two KNPB MemberCard Plus which carries the added benefits of 2-for-1 play at golf courses and lodging at bed-and-breakfasts. Click HERE for more details about the benefits of membership.

All KNPB supporting members at the $45 basic level ($35 senior level) and higher include a $10 subscription to KNPB Program Guide, our monthly "what's on" listing.

TAKE THE SUSTAINING CHALLENGE! For only $15 a month ($0.50 a day), or perhaps you can contribute more, consider becoming a KNPB Sustaining Friend. Sustaining Friends ensure the continuation of programs and community services for years to come. Go to the section below titled 'Your Pledge' - Sustaining Pledge - and click the YES button.

SPECIAL OFFERS available in Gift section
OFFER FOR FIRST-TIME SUSTAINING MEMBERS - JULY 8 - AUGUST 5. Have you ever wanted to watch PBS programs on your own schedule? Well now is your chance! Sign up for an ongoing $10-a-month contribution to KNPB by August 5th and we can thank you with a Roku Streaming Stick! Become a sustaining member today! Choose 'Roku Streaming Stick' as your gift.

BENISE's 'STRINGS OF PASSION' COMING TO RENO September 24, 2015! Tickets are available from KNPB! A limited number of seats are being held for KNPB members. Choose a VIP or Preferred package.

MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER has added Reno to their Christmas tour schedule for November 29, 2015. Ticket packages are available for KNPB members. Choose a VIP or Preferred package.

JOE BONAMASSA is returning to Reno April 29, 2016. Ticket packages are available for KNPB members.

LOCAL DOCUMENTARIES produced by KNPB are available for purchase. Browse `KNPB documentary' in our `Thank You Gift' section below.

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