KNPB Sustaining Friends

KNPB Choose Blue and Reuse

It's A Good Time to Go Green — rollover your current KNPB membership into "KNPB Sustaining Friends."

All KNPB Sustaining Friends receive a reusable "KNPB Choose Blue & Reuse" multi-purpose ChicoBag that conveniently comes with a carrying bag for you to help fit the bag into a pocket or inside a purse. And, Sustaining Friends decrease the volume of paper arriving in their home mail box by going paperless with our easy automatic payment plan.

This payment plan uses monthly credit or debit card transactions and eliminates the need for fundraising requests – your membership continues uninterrupted until you notify us. And, no need to request KNPB's 2-or-1 MemberCard because KNPB Sustaining Friends automatically receive it each year.

Stay connected to our community and invested in KNPB! To sign up just close this window to return to the form or call 775.682.7796.